Biblical Manhood Class

Biblical Manhood Class

January 19, 2022 6:00pm

Address: South Side Baptist Church, 1425 S. 7th St., Abilene, TX US 79602


Blake will be teaching a 12 week class on biblical manhood on Wednesday nights from 6:00 pm to 7:20 pm in the Fellowship Hall unpacking this definition:

"Biblical Manhood consists of Leading, Loving, Providing, and Protecting. A man of God is called to lead himself by denying himself, following Jesus, and helping others do the same. A man of God is called to lead his family as head of the home. A man of God is called to love his family with cruciform love. A man of God is called to provide holistically for his family. A man of God is called to protect his family from physical and spiritual danger.” 
Filling out a survey before and after will be required as well as some weekly reading between classes.

Here is the plan:
1. Introduction: 1/12/22
A. Cultural Confusion
B. Purpose of Life
C. Plan for the Class 
2. Cultural Context: The Foes of Fruitful Masculinity: 1/19/22
A. Feminism
B. Fatherlessness
C. Apathy
3. Theological Foundations: 1/26/22
A. The Sovereignty of God
B. The Lordship of Christ
C. The Antithesis
D. Grace
E. Optimism 
SKIP 2/2/22
4. God’s Design: Male Headship in Genesis 1-3:  2/9/22
5. Marriage: Ephesians 5: 2/16/22
6. Lead Yourself: 2/23/22
A. Means of Grace
B. Chief Repenter
C. Chief Worshipper
7. Lead Your Family: 3/2/22
A. Vision
B. Direction
C. Family Worship
D. Decisions
8. Love: 3/9/22
A. Cruciform
B. Romance 
SKIP 3/16/22 for Spring Break
9. Provide: 3/23/22
A. Holistic Provision
B. Breadwinning
C. Vocation
D. Stewardship
10. Protect: 3/30/22
A. Spiritual Warfare
B. Doctrine
11. Protect: 4/6/22
A. Discipline
B. Home Defense
12. Protect and Conclusion: 4/13/22
A. Education
B. Technology
i. Purity
C. Summary and Conclusion

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