Women's Bible Study - Book of Job

Women's Bible Study - Book of Job

February 9, 2022 6:00pm

Address: South Side Baptist Church, 1425 S. 7th St., Abilene, TX US 79602


Job - Trusting in God's Sovereignty
It doesn’t take long living as a human to experience some level of suffering and pain in our lives, and those times often cause us to ask some pretty hard questions about God. The Bible invites us into a journey of learning about this very issue in the book of Job. As we study this book together over the semester we will study:

  • Job’s laments & struggles, and how he relates to God during this time - and what we can learn from this
  • How to walk through trials, both as a sufferer and friend to one who is suffering
  • How his friends counsel him & what’s right and wrong about what they said
  • Where to go for wisdom (especially in regards to suffering)
  • How Job's example of suffering pointing us forward to Jesus as a truly innocent sufferer
  • But most importantly, we will be shown the greatness of our God and be invited to trust Him completely in ALL things, even when we don’t know the answers to “Why?

This 12 week study begins on Wednesday, February 9. It will meet in the Education Building in the 1st floor Multipurpose Room from 6:00-7:30pm.

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